My Blessed Lyfe….

My name is Lea, some people call me Lia because of my facebook name. But I can be anyone… I like them both.

I am almost 50 years old and I am proud of if. Some people still think that I am younger than that, and get surprised when I tell them that I already have daughters who are 26, 24, & 23 plus the baby and the only son who’s 15 now. I am happily married to my husband for 27 years now and counting, and we are blessed with beautiful children…inside and out. They are our treasure and our inspiration. We are a typical family, who loves each other genuinely, though sometimes we don’t verbally show it, but deep inside we know it.

We moved here in the United States many years ago. From the moment I stepped on the American soil…I knew right away that life here will be so much better. God made a way for us to come here, live here and grow here and I thank Him for that.

I am blessed to be born from a Christian family. My grandparents were church workers, my parents were dedicated christian workers as well, and me and my siblings grew up going to church every single Sunday. I’m thankful to God because I don’t know what my life would be if I was born not knowing and serving God. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 9 years old and got baptized a few years after that.

I love singing. I grew up singing at church, bible studies, school…name it. When I was 18, I joined a gospel singing group in Manila where I got some training in singing and stage presence. I was exposed to singing at different churches, crusades, and concerts. I was blessed to be with wonderful people that became my friends as I grew up. The only thing I didn’t get the opportunity to learn is playing an instrument. That’s my biggest frustration…but that’s ok. What matters is that I sing with passion because I know that I sing with a MESSAGE…and that’s making God known.

I started leading Praise and Worship at the age of 18 and I’m thankful that God still uses me to lead people to true worship. I will worship my Lord until my last breath. Singing is my life and no matter what the circumstances may be…I will keep worshiping my Lord and my maker anywhere, anytime.

My family have been through a LOT! But God has never left our side. I’m excited to take you to my journey and I hope that you will be blessed taking the journey with me! 🙂

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