I was shocked!

Blessed day everyone! I just wanted to share and thank my daughter, Camille for saving me yesterday when I sang the song “Blessings” by Laura Story at our Church service. I was privileged to share that song because it was so perfect for what was going on around us lately. Towards the end of the 1st verse, the music stopped! According to our sound guy (John), the computer just froze! As I was trained, we need to keep singing as if nothing happened. We need to not react, and not let the audience know that there was an issue or a mistake or anything like that. More so, I told myself that the song is too good to not finish it. So, I kept singing the chorus, then the next verse, focusing on the song and hoping to give justice to the message no matter what. Though, in the back of my mind I was hoping that John would not hit “play” again because then I wouldn’t know where I’m at on the song. Suddenly, I heard the music playing and I got a little worried! Behind me was a voice helping me to start the 2nd chorus. That was my daughter Camille. I knew she went on the left side of the stage to help me get back on the music, but I thought to myself (while still singing with confidence)… oh crap! John hit “play!” Now I can sing from nowhere. But I sang the chorus anyways as my daughter had led me and thought…ok whatever…let’s see what happens. As I was singing, it felt right. I got kinda lost after the bridge coz it sounded different. I was so focused on the song but the other side of me is saying…” I’m lost and must have sang a wrong part.” I tried to sing with confidence, I paused and waited for the chorus, then I found my way to towards the end of the song. The ending sounded different from what I have rehearsed and I thought, “oh, I sent John a different version from my iPad.

I sat down after the song calmly. Sister Medick (our Pastor’s wife) smiled and motioned, “thanks to Camille who played the piano. I WAS SHOCKED and could not believe it in pure honesty! I didn’t hear the difference except for the outro. She managed to find the song chords on her phone when the music stopped and ran to her keyboard to save her MOM. The tone, the key, and the way she played it was perfect in my ear. I AM SOOO PROUD AND GRATEFUL that she did it. She is awesome! I still couldn’t believe it but all I can say in my heart was…THANK YOU LORD for having her, who found her way to save me and with the same goal, to render a beautiful music.

Our kids are PRECIOUS GIFTS from heaven. I’m getting older and my kids are growing maturely. We constantly need them whether we accept it or not. They will be our guide and sometimes (or most of the time), they are even smarter than us. Aren’t we all proud of our children? They make us whole and they make us complete. I wouldn’t trade anything for my precious kids.


Note…If you want to see it, or to watch our worship live streaming please visit our website http://www.filambaptist.com

Published by My blessed lyfe

I would like to call myself a "Supermom"... not to boast about what I can do, but being grateful for all that God has made me to be. I'm a mother of 4 beautiful children and a wife to my amazing husband. I'm a child of God and so blessed to be a part of His family. I am no extraordinary, but I am special because I exist for a purpose. I love music very much. Grew up as a Worship Leader and been doing it since 18. Singing song for the Lord is my heart's delight and every time I open my mouth to sing, my prayer is that I become a vessel of Christ where people that hears my voice, hears the voice of God. I always say... "I will keep singing until my last breath..." Let me introduce you to the love of my life... Arianne (Adrianne) is my first born. I had her when I was 23. She had taught me so many things in my young married life. She's now 26 and just got engaged to her childhood sweetheart who happened to be our drummer and the firstborn of our Church Pastor. She works as a Nurse and I am so proud of her. She is also our Church Secretary. Personality wise...I saw some of my character on her. Camille (Andrea) is my number 2 daughter. When she was born, Arianne became a wonderful "ate", big sister to her. Camille, as a middle child, displayed great traits a middle child could be. She was independent, smart, and great singer even on her young age. She would surprise me when she was 4, singing Celine Deon's fast songs with perfect lyrics. She's now 24 and an Accountant at a prestige Accounting firm. By the way, she learned to play the guitar and the piano on her own. My frustrations on instruments...she's got it. Yasmine (Audrey) is the baby (for awhile). She came just a little over a year from Camille's birth. They grew up like twins. She has the strongest personality, that's why as little girls...she would always make Camille cry. She's now 23 and enjoys taking pictures and video. She loves her job which let her enjoy her hobby. Digital Marketing takes her to places and be at interesting events she loves. Andrei, our baby boy (at last!). He was born here in the US while his sisters were in the Philippines. They were able to meet him when he was 2. He's precious, cute, intelligent, and loved. He's very good with basketball which makes my husband so proud! He's not the tallest in his team, but he's not the shortest either. Quiet...yet smart. He's now 15 and soon to try driving. He wanted to be an Engineer someday. Robert, my better half is God's destiny for me. He's had so many challenges in his life but, remained to be positive and determined. I met him at my first job after college graduation. After a few months of working together, became sweethearts, and after a few months, got engaged, then got married. I was 22 when I became Mrs. Garcia. Not my plan, but it's God's destination written for me. On this site I will take you to my journey as a mother, a wife, a servant of God, and a person who thinks deeply about life. I can be very boring, but I can be very colorful. My life has been bumpy, flat, dark, and bright. But I cannot be thankful enough to my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ who make all things possible for me and my family. I am not adventurous but I get easily amazed by what life has to offer. I'm mostly quiet, introvert, melancholy, shy...but when you get to know me and I get to know you, I can be a wonderful friend.

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